Seeking Artist For Logo Design!!!

2012-08-01 04:42:01 by grooveT3K

Hey all!

Im after someone that is good with the art to design me a logo, I have a base design already (I have included) but it needs to be personalised, it isnt anything too difficult (I think...) if anyone is interested let me know!


Seeking Artist For Logo Design!!!


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2012-08-01 15:16:12

I'm interested...

grooveT3K responds:

Hey mate!

Im glad to hear your keen!
Im basically looking for something in a similar style to this for use in my Dj business and possibly to be used as an avatar on NG.
Ill go and have a look at your profile




2012-09-09 01:28:35

Logo design completed! its looking the part and will look great once my van is branded and on the road, pics will be up soon.